Morning Spring Kennels


Victoria's Pups

  • AKC Golden Retrievers
  • AKCLabrador Retrievers
  • Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever

Cross Breed Pups and Adults

Victoria's Pups at Morning Spring has been breeding dogs of a special sensitivity  and calmness including, but not limited to, the intelligence disposition and temperament of the dogs. Our Parent dogs are selected and raised from puppies to adulthood giving us the ability to view each of these traits daily, bringing you the Perfect Family Pet!


Morning Springs puppies spend the first weeks of life in a home environment making their transition to your home easier.  They are gentle and loving family pets; many have also become loyal and helpful companions for the elderly and the physically challenged.


Dr. Tony Greenblat of Glenvilah Veterinarian Clinic is our vet and he examines all of our dogs every month.  He ensures that they are in good health and maintains records on our pups and adults. . He has been following our dogs in his practice for over 10 years and has a following of families that have purchased our dogs and have chosen to use Dr Greenblat as their veterinarian