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As a breeder for the last 20 years I have spent a great deal of time trying to develop a good health guarantee. I have tried as the years have gone by to update and expand my guarantee and as of now I give a health guarantee unprecedented in the industry. I don't think that you will find any breeder that offers this type of guarantee. First, I give a three year general health guarantee and second, I offer a two years guarantee on good hips and third, I ask you to go to your own vet within three days for a check-up to confirm the general good health of the puppy as already stated by my vet.  Now to explain further my 3 year general health guarantee states  that if the your dog dies for any reason other than you kill your dog through carelessness or and accident , I will replace the dog to you  with another dog from an upcoming litter at a later date. I do this to follow my breeding program. Which means that if you report to me a problem I keep notes of the  issue and record the issue so that if I have several similar type problems I can note them and change my breeding program accordingly.I give this guarantee to help me know how many types of genetic problems might be in my breeding .I want to know of any cancers , hips, eyes, heart, or other genetic issues and the best person to tell me would be you the owner of the puppy.   I also give a two year guarantee on the hips which means that since NO ONE can promise that you will never have a hip problem.  I state that,  if the dog is in need of a hip surgery I will give you another dog without taking away your dog.  I DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR dogs surgery.  I will not guarantee that your dog will be hip problem free.  No one can.  I do OFA certification on some of my dogs but this is not a conclusive test.   Last I require for the puppy to be seen by your local vet in order to confirm the general good health of dog. I feel that in the industry I give an excellent guarantee. We love our dogs and love breeding our dogs and we want you to have a long and healthy life with your companion.


Vaccinations: I treat for a series of diseases such as Canine Distemper, type 2 Parainfluenze - Parvovirus, Canine Corona virus and bordetella Brochiseptica Bacterine (kennel cough).  You will need to get three more vaccinations of Parvovirus, distemper and Parainfluenze as well as one being an annual Corona virus and Bordetella (Kennel cough).  Please be advised that I will provide a copy of all shots and vaccination records.Your own vet will recommend the appropriate time table and schedule for your dog to receive these vaccinations.



Parasites:  All puppies are born with parasites.  I do however treat for many types of parasites but do require that you have your vet of choice do a fecal float within two weeks after you bring your puppy home.  Please be advised that your vet may need to treat your pup again, this is not uncommon.  Unfortunately this is something that is unavoidable.

Morning Springs Return Policy

Complete return policy is given at the time of purchase.  A few highlights on that policy:  If your veterinarian finds a medical problem, I will refund your money or allow you to select another dog within 3 days Or if you unable to keep the dog, due to personal issues, I require that the dog be returned to me, as I am responsible for my own breeding. I ask no questions I will simply respect the  fact that you are being responsible and returning the dog to me .